Tuesday, February 20, 2018

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How the TB12 Method Can Help You Achieve Peak Performance at Any Age

In this interview, Alex Guerrero, cofounder of TB12 and personal body coach for Tom Brady — one of the best quarterbacks in NFL history — shares the natural and holistic program he developed with Brady, called the TB12 Method. Tom was told at one point that surgery for one of his injuries was unavoidable. This training method was said to have helped resolve his injury and return to the field, without surgery. 
The pair recently launched “The TB12 Method” mobile app on iOS, and co-wrote a New York Times best seller book about their philosophy, called “The TB12 Method: How to Achieve a Lifetime of Sustained Peak Performance.” A primary focus of the program is pliability training — deep force muscle work that lengthens and softens muscles at the same time those muscles are rhythmically contracted and relaxed. 
“I've been practicing this for a little over 20 years now, and when I first started, it was with the idea of just doing some good deep tissue work and helping athletes recover from whatever their injuries were at the time,” Guerrero says.
“Some of [my] clients … would feel better and would go back out and do their training, and then they would hurt themselves again … It became a pattern, and at some point I thought, ‘I really need to see what this mechanism of injury really is. And why are they feeling better but not getting better?’
As I started to … watch them actually train, I realized that everything they were doing, all their biomechanical movements … were all learned behavior. The brain was developing more neural pathways as it related to the way they were wanting to move. So, I thought our treatment principles should be based on the same thing.
And if the brain can create neural pathways based on functional movement, then I should be able to do some functional movement during my treatments so that the brain can create more neural pathways for getting better as opposed to just feeling better.”

Pliability Training

As he began working on muscle tissues through active ranges of motion, and having the client actively involved in the movement, they not only felt better but actually stopped reinjuring themselves. That’s when he realized that being pliable is different from being flexible.
Pliability actually correlates to how your brain connects to your body. In other words, it involves a neurological component in which the muscle-brain connection is being reeducated and rewired. According to Guerrero, pliability training is a good substitute for a regular warmup and/or cool down. He explains:
“In Tom's case, we will do pliability treatments [on the] lower limbs, calves, hamstrings, quads, hips, hip flexors and his right arm pre-practice. We do that to stimulate the nervous system. We want to activate his nervous system and get it primed and ready to perform its function of running and moving in quick ways, to be able to go out and throw the football 200 times and not be sore in his elbow or shoulder. (MORE)

Source: Mercola.com

Monday, February 19, 2018

Women Who Use Cleaning Products Could Be At Risk Of Suffering Lung Damage

Researchers believe the damage caused in women's lungs is roughly the equivalent of 20 pack-years for cigarette smoker

Making sure one’s house is clean and tidy may seem like a good and productive way to pass the time. But new research suggests that it might not be all that healthy for everyone, as the chemicals found in cleaning products could damage women’s lungs through regular exposure.
In a study published this week in the American Thoracic Society’s American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, researchers from the University of Bergen in Norway found that ammonia and other chemicals found in cleaning products might irritate the mucous membranes lining the airways. This, as noted by Science Daily, leads to the remodeling and reshaping of the airways, increasing the risk of several diseases of the respiratory system.
According to the researchers, the progressively faster lung function decline in women who clean at home or work as cleaners for a living was comparable to the damage caused by 20 pack-years, with one pack-year equivalent to 20 cigarettes a day over a span of a year. (MORE)
Source: The Inquisitr
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Friday, February 16, 2018

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Vitamin D3 Is A Powerhouse For Your Heart

It’s no surprise to see vitamin D making headlines again, this time related to research suggesting it is a powerhouse to prevent and restore damage done to your heart. Previously, scientists linked changes to your endothelium —  a unique organ system that lines your entire circulatory system — with serious health conditions, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and tumor growth.
Now, a new study suggests vitamin D3 plays a vital role in protecting and restoring the damage those diseases do to your endothelium. In addition, the findings suggest the presence of vitamin D3 also triggers nitric oxide, a molecule known to play an important signaling role in controlling blood flow and preventing blood clot formation in your blood vessels.
Furthermore, vitamin D3 was shown to significantly reduce oxidative stress in your vascular system, which is important to help prevent the development and/or progression of cardiovascular disease. If you haven’t checked your vitamin D blood level in the past six months, you now have another reason to do it — to protect your heart and decrease your risk of heart disease. For optimal health, you want a level in the 60 to 80 nanograms per milliliter (ng/ml) range.
If you live in a northern climate and are not able to enjoy regular sun exposure, I recommend you take an oral vitamin D supplement, as well as vitamin K2 and magnesium. Because they work synergistically, you need all three to ensure proper balance and maximum effectiveness.

Research Suggests Vitamin D3 Protects Your Heart

Research conducted at Ohio University suggests vitamin D3 has positive effects on your endothelium, the thin layer of tissue that lines the blood vessels within your vascular system. Published in the International Journal of Nanomedicine, the study describes how scientists used nanosensors and a cell model to identify the molecular mechanisms vitamin D3 triggers in your endothelium.
Several earlier studies had also highlighted vitamin D3’s positive effect on the endothelium, including its effects on patients battling chronic kidney disease (CKD) and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). Individuals suffering from CKD and SLE have noticeable endothelial dysfunction and an increased risk of cardiovascular disease.
Prior to these and other studies, your endothelium was thought to serve very little purpose other than facilitating the passage of electrolytes and water in and out of your bloodstream. That said, as mentioned, changes to your endothelium have been associated with serious diseases. In the current research, the presence of vitamin D3 was shown to (MORE)
Source: Mercola.com
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Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Yoga, Dance To Relieve Exam Stress

As testing time approaches for students, Chandigarh-based yoga and dance gurus offer valuable tips for de-stressing

Final examinations are stressful for everyone, even when one is completely prepared after covering the whole syllabus and all the important questions from previous year papers. In the age of competition, scoring well is not good enough and getting top scores has to be the aim. Such scenario has made the examinations a stressful affair.
However, there are ways to de-stress the mind and body while preparing for the final examinations. While sports and games are an escape for many, some students are also going for yoga and dance classes.
Yoga and dance gurus are suggesting yoga and dance practise as power boosters and a source of rejuvenation.
Yoga should be part of your lifestyle
Chandigarh-based yoga guru Shobhna Juneja tells, “Yoga originated in ancient times. It used to be the part of the gurukulas curriculum for students and eventually their lifestyle. In present time, it is very important for the students to practice it regularly for improving their concentration and relaxation of their mind.”
She further says, many students come for learning yoga and some even continue coming during the exams as it helps them in focussing on their studies. She suggests, “Everyday, at least 5-10 minutes of yoga can help one in refreshing their mind.”
For complete relaxation and focus, she suggests, students should practise ‘Anulom-Vilom Pranayama’ and mantra chanting. “Even if the students start practising now, it will help them,” she says. (MORE)
Source: Hindustantimes.com

Wildflowers Are the Best Pesticide

In the U.S., about 1 billion pounds of pesticides are used annually, 90 percent of which are used by the agricultural sector.1 There are many problems with the indiscriminate use of these toxic chemicals, like the fact that 82 percent of domestic fruits and 62 percent of domestic vegetables contain pesticide residues,2 to say nothing of the risks of pesticide poisoning faced by the 2.5 million farmworkers in the U.S., about 60 percent of whom live in poverty.3
Crop land does not exist in a bubble, which means some of the pesticides sprayed onto the land end up contaminating neighboring fields, soil, water and air. Even in the case of systemic pesticides, which are taken up into the plant as a whole via pesticide-treated seeds, about 95 percent of the substances ends up not in the plant cells where it was intended but blown off as dust or permeating the soil and water.4
Then there’s the fact that nature eventually finds a way to outsmart the pesticides, such that we’ve seen the emergence of pesticide-resistant superweeds and super insects. The pesticide industry’s response, rather than admitting defeat, is to encourage the use of more pesticides and more genetically engineered (GE) crops to go with them, but it’s a vicious cycle.
Glyphosate-resistant superweeds like pigweed are now driving farmers to seek out dicamba-resistant crops, but dicamba-resistant weeds have already sprouted in some states, raising serious doubts that piling more pesticides on crops will help farmers, or the environment, in the long run. The ultimate solution is not to fight against nature with the use of harmful chemicals, but rather to work with it, and even learn from it, embracing the natural tools already in existence to keep pests in check: namely, wildflowers. (MORE)

Source: Mercola.com

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Daily Inspiration

Greens, Legumes And Unsaturated Fats: How To Reverse Diabetes With Food

 In Daily Mail article, Dr. Michael Greger explained that switching to a vegetarian diet can ease or even reverse the ill effects of diabetes. The dietary change is so effective that improvements can be felt within a matter of hours.
Diabetes is a medical condition where your blood sugar levels far exceed the norm. The disease has two forms: type-1 sets in if your pancreas halts the production of the critical hormone insulin that controls your blood sugar, while type-2 takes place if your body somehow gains immunity to insulin. By far type-2 diabetes is the more common variant. It is usually triggered by excess fat accumulated in human muscles and livers. It should not come as a surprise that nine out of 10 diabetic patients are overweight.

A lot of Americans suffer from diabetes. The American Diabetes Association website counts more than 30 million cases in the United States alone. That’s more than nine percent of the population. Every year doctors diagnose 1.5 million new cases.

Both types of diabetes can be controlled with drugs such as intravenous insulin injections. But the disease is still considered to be deadly because runaway amounts of sugar in the blood can severely disrupt the functions of vital organs. Blindness, kidney failure, heart attacks and strokes are just some of the devastating complications that can be expected to follow the onset of diabetes. (MORE)

Source: Natural News

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